Player Development

Message from our director of coaching, Grant Heywood.

“Our Philosophy on Playing Style.
We at Pacific Soccer Club believe that all players should develop their technical skills to a proficient level that will take them to the next level of the game. The playing style and philosophy required to promote and develop technical skills is that of a possession based playing style.

All teams at all ages should be encouraged to build out of the back, find the free player in midfield and combine to create chances. Players should be able to control and pass the ball in pressurized situations while feeling comfortable on the ball. If the ball is continually booted down the field, the defense and midfield are bypassed, meaning they will not learn how to connect passes and attack with skill.”

Our philosophy and principles of playing style is outlined within a soccer analysis video created by our director of coaching, Grant Heywood.

Principles of Play Analysis – Soccer (International Level – U10 Level)

“Achieving this style is achieved through well structured practices. When constructing practices, coaches need to remember that soccer is a game of:

  • Communication and Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Executing Decisions
  • Tactical insight develops awareness and is needed to provide the correct communication.
  • Game insight is needed to make good decisions.
  • Soccer technique is needed to execute decisions.

All exercises should involve a ball and should be performed at a high tempo.”
Examples of exercises used within Pacific Soccer Club are:
Short Passing – Warm Up Variations (Basis of possession soccer)

Short Passing – Warm Up Variations (Basis of Possession)
Building Out of the Back Session (From a goal kick)
Possession exercises such as:

1v1 Possession Squares + 2 Neutrals

Attacking Pattern Play + Positional Play (5v5)

Here are the results of training sessions based on the club’s philosophy with our BU9’s in Laguna Hills.

Pacific Soccer Club – Laguna Hills U9 (06) – Understanding of Attacking Principles of Play
In our opinion, this is player development!