Questions and Answers

Thank you for your interest in Pacific Soccer Club (PSC).

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers to help you decide if Pacific Soccer Club is the right step for your son/daughter.

Q. How do I know if my child is ready for club soccer?
A. For the recommended progression or path for players click Player Development

Q. How are players selected to a team? Are there tryouts?
A. Attend a Tryout or contact our Team Coaches directly.

Q. How can we prepare our child for the tryouts?
A. Before the tryouts or any competition tell your son or daughter (1) to have fun; (2) to learn something new; and most importantly (3) “I love you.” After the tryouts or the competition ask them (1) Did you have fun? (2) what did you learn? (3) what did you do right? and most importantly tell your child “I am proud of you.” The number one reason parents have their children play sports or other activities is because they love to watch them play or perform. You may want to let them know this too.

Q. There is no team listed for my child’s age, should we attend the tryouts?
A. Yes, teams will be forming throughout the spring based on the interest and ability to compete at the club level.

Q. We were unable to attend the scheduled tryouts, will there be another tryout?
A. Start with Tryout Schedule. You can attend any tryout you like, all our coaches are given the results of the tryouts. You can also contact the coach directly.

Q. Should we attend additional tryouts?
A. Yes, the more tryouts the better, it gives us an opportunity to really evaluate the players. We have had players attend the first tryout and receive average scores, maybe the whole experience was overwhelming or they didn’t understand the four stations, in the second session players were more confident and scored higher, definite improvement. In all honesty tryouts are part of life whether it is for a team, college entrance or employment; possessing the skills and applying what you have learned is the key to success and achievement. Let your child know that tryouts are an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and whether they are selected or not to give their best.

Q. How do I know if my son or daughter has made the team?
A. Please understand that we will have over 1,000 players participating in the tryouts. After the tryouts the coaches will be provided with the evaluations. Our coaches will invite players to their practice sessions to see if there is a good fit with the player, parents and team. You can always contact the coach directly if you like.

Q. How many days and hours per week is practice?
A. We believe that each coach and team should have the right to decide on the level of commitment they have to practice, training and tournament schedules.

Q. What other programs do you offer?
A. To learn about the different programs start with Everyone Plays®.

Q. How are coaches selected?
A. Many of our coaches are successful EXTRA Program Coaches, advancing their teams to the next level of competition. For our forming teams we have a list of very qualified coaches to select from. Coach selection is based on experience and proven ability to work with that gender/age division. If you know someone that would make a great coach, have them complete the PSC Coach Application.

Q. When does the Fall season start?
A. Fall Soccer starts the first Saturday after Labor Day. Please contact your Coach or Team Manager about practice and tournament schedules.

Q. Do your teams play in the Spring season?
A. Most of our teams are training and either playing in the Spring Club program or participating in tournaments. Spring is the best time to work with the players and select the most skilled and deserving players for each position for the fall season. Spring soccer starts the first weekend of March.

Q. How much playing time will my child get?
A. We require that every player on every team play at least 50% of the game. To accomplish this we limit our roster sizes and only select the most deserving and skilled players that are available.

Q. What is the cost to participate in Pacific Soccer Club?
A. The Fall Club fee is $350 per player. The teams fees are determined by the coach and it depends on the season, tournament, professional training, uniform package, … Please contact the coach as each team prepares their own budget.

Q. The coach has invited us to join the team, what do we do?
A1. Complete the Parent and Player Agreement.
A2. Pay the Club Fee. Do not make any payments until you have read and completed the Parent and Player Agreement.

Q. How do I register my son/daughter?
A. Your Team Manager will instruct you on how to register your son/daughter and what to do with the Registration Forms.

Q. How do I order a uniform?
A. Important you start with your Team Manager; he/she will direct you on the Uniform Ordering Process.

If you have any further questions, you can contact our Director of Coaching: Grant Heywood eMail